What is your financial worth?

I will be discussing the concept of personal financial worth in this post as it tie in personal asset allocation modeling.

I will define three categories tied to this concept:  “current financial worth”,  “long term financial worth” and  “worth”.

Let’s start by examining “current financial worth” (the easy part). One way I could express the building blocks […]

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Deep Diving

Tough days these days in financial markets.

I wrote about today’s market condition on our May 2015 blog post titled the Great Beta Deflate. It was our first post. You can read about it here: http://razorbilladvisors.com/the_great_beta_deflate/

People say it’s like 08. It can’t be 08 because we’ve been through 08. It’s not different this time because it’s […]

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(Not so well) Defined Benefit

Defined Benefit pension plans are fixed income specialists dream.

Every plan has it’s own set of characteristics, but they all share something in common, you get nothing now and a stream of defined benefits (amount of money) that are fixed in the future.

From the beneficiary standpoint, if you are no longer working for your old […]

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Asset allocation: values and capital

Since the first models published the field of asset allocation has been in a flux for the last 60 years. For example, there is currently a movement in high net worth wealth management firms to take a more holistic approach to asset allocation.

They have a good point, what is the use of transferring your capital […]

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Razorbill Advisors Research

Happy holidays from the Razorbill Advisors team!

Just in time for the holidays, a resume of Razorbill Advisors research published to date:



Q4 2015
N.8 Razorbill Advisors Credit/Equity Relative Value Index -Pierre

Q3 2015
N. (S) A practical guidebook to credit strategies investing -Hugues & Sylvain

Q2 2015
N.7 A Case Study on Canadian REITS Preferred Shares  -Pierre & Hugues
N.6 Canadian Fixed […]

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