Liquidity and market stability

For many years the Razorbill team has been following cross asset class value, which we believe, has allowed us to have privileged viewpoints on both the positioning of markets and their respective liquidity. It is through this lens that we have observed a widening gap in market liquidity which is driving a larger disparity in […]

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How to catch a Razorbill?

Q4 2015 will be a busy quarter for us:

We are at the Bloomberg Hedge Fund conference in NYC today.

You can catch us in Toronto on October 7th and 8th at the AIMA Canada Hedge Fund conference and participating in a round table on October 15th at the CanFix conference.

We will be in Chicago on October 21st […]

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Debt ceiling

This editorial piece is related to the Razorbill Advisors twitter post @RZB_Advisors of July 7th 2015.

I remember during my formative years (about 20 years ago), I studied the theoretical debt ceiling as a part of the honors program in economics at McGill. We went through Classical theory, then Keynesian theory following through the evolution since the 60’s […]

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The Great Beta Deflate

I wrote a post on twitter on mainstream models (MPT flavored models) reactions to periods where rates rise while equity markets head south. Here’s a non SMS constrained expansion of this post.

Modern Portfolio Theory (and Risk Parity models but that’s for another day) are not in my opinion built to handle periods of global beta […]

Welcome to Razorbill Advisors blog

Disclaimer: This blog is for Quebec and Ontario accredited investors and institutional investors only.

This is Razorbill Advisors first blog post. We will strive to expand on “thought bites” we throw in our twitter feed (@RZB_Advisors), by now we have exactly 100 tweets, that’s by design.

We will provide here our opinions on asset allocation and fixed income […]

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