Happy holidays from the Razorbill Advisors team!

Just in time for the holidays, a resume of Razorbill Advisors research published to date:



Q4 2015
N.8 Razorbill Advisors Credit/Equity Relative Value Index -Pierre

Q3 2015
N. (S) A practical guidebook to credit strategies investing -Hugues & Sylvain

Q2 2015
N.7 A Case Study on Canadian REITS Preferred Shares  -Pierre & Hugues
N.6 Canadian Fixed Income ETF Landscape -Robbie
N.5 A Note on Preferred Shares -Pierre & Hugues

Q1 2015
N.4  ETF Global Landscape -Robbie
N.3  A Note on Portable Alpha -Pierre

Q1 2014
N.2  A Note on Derivative Market Structure Developments -Pierre

Q3 2013
N.1  Research & Development Bulletin -Bobby


To be published:

Q1 2016
N.9 A Liquidity Analysis of CDS & Bonds -Pierre & Robbie
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